Eastern Conference Fantasy Notes: Week 14

The NBA is a fast-paced league where trends can switch as quickly as a lightbulb. Keeping up to date with these trends is vital to your success in fantasy basketball. We’ll be looking at the expected top performers, sneaky options, injury updates, rookie trends, individual team schedules, and some other points for the Eastern Conference. The key to winning this week? Look no further than this article. We here at Nerd Fantasy Sports got you covered. Check both our Consistency Rankings and New Age Rankings to get a data-driven take on fantasy basketball!

Sleepers to Wake Up

Donte DiVincenzo, PG/SG, Milwaukee Bucks
Donte DiVincenzo is looked upon as the fifth option starter for the Milwaukee Bucks but still has room to grow since he is only 24 years old. Recently he has been putting together a solid stretch of games that has helped Milwaukee go on a six-game winning streak. In his last five games, DiVincenzo has averaged 13 points, ten rebounds, four assists, and two steals a game. He has struggled with his shooting percentages in those games. He shot 43 percent from the field, 31 percent from three, both below his season averages, and 72 percent from the free-throw line. In his third season, it has looked like DiVincenzo has finally started to bring good production for a Bucks team trying to make another finals run. 

Robert Williams III, PF/C, Boston Celtics
Robert Williams III was mentioned on last week’s waiver wire as a young defensive presence with major upside in an open position for the Boston Celtics. He has now only continued to elevate his game to prove more to the team that he should be the future starting center for the franchise. In his last five games, Williams has averaged 11 points, ten rebounds, and 3.4 blocks per game while shooting 75 percent from the field. Especially for fantasy, these are insane numbers to have. This makes Williams a number one waiver wire and trade deadline target. It will be intriguing if Boston adds another big man at the trade deadline or chose to find their starting center in-house. 

Danilo Gallinari, PF/SF, Atlanta Hawks
After signing a three-year, $61.5 million contract, Danilo Gallinari was expected to bring a ton of veteran experience to a rising and young Hawks roster. With injuries and poor shooting, it has taken Gallinari longer than expected to get into rhythm. However recently, he has finally reached that form and has kept it consistent. In his last five games, Gallinari has averaged 18 points and six rebounds while shooting 50 percent from the field and form beyond the arc. Gallinari will continue to produce in the sixth man role for Atlanta as they have won eight straight and are now thee fourth seed in the Eastern Conference. 

Rookies Doing Work

Detroit Pistons’ Rookies
Saddiq Bey and Isaiah Stewart have been playing great since the All-Star break. And with Killian Hayes expected to come back soon, Detroit will hope to form a successful draft class which is something they haven’t had for years. Bey exploded in his game against the Raptors where he finished with 28 points and 12 rebounds. While Stewart has averaged 10 points, seven rebounds, and a block in his last five games. He’s done this while shooting 60 percent from the field and 66 percent from three on an average of one attempt per game. While not much has gone in the direction for Detroit in the past couple of seasons, it is good to see that Troy Weaver and the new front office are starting to build a new regime. 

Question of the Week

What are your thoughts on the Atlanta Hawks?
Since Lloyd Pierce was fired, Atlanta has been on fire. They’ve been undefeated and achieved key wins over the Lakers, Heat, and Raptors. They have shot up to currently sit at the fourth seed in the Eastern Conference. John Collins has been a major benefit from the coaching change. Collins has averaged 18 points, eight rebounds, and 1.8 blocks while shooting 52 percent from the field. ll have been small upticks compared to his averages before this. Danilo Gallinari has also been finally catching some rhythm after a slow start to his first season in Atlanta. I would not be surprised to see the Hawks be buyers at the trade deadline for more veteran depth. This team will also only improve once DeAndre Hunter returns to the court. Atlanta is in a really good spot with most of their team still very young.

Other Notes

Every week I will share an opinion of mine about something going on in the Eastern Conference. This week’s take is:
The Celtics need to move on from their young players. This isn’t much of a hot take as the Celtics have now fallen to below .500 after losing to both the Kings and the Cavaliers. However, it has seemed that year after year they continue to hold onto players like Grant WilliamsRomeo Langford, Carson Edwards, and Aaron Nesmith instead of trading for veteran players who bring playoff experience to a team with young stars. Peyton Pritchard is solid, but if he needs to be involved in a trade to bring more experience, it needs to be done. With Thursday’s trade deadline coming up, the Celtics don’t have a ton of time to get a deal done. It may too late for a late playoff push if they cannot make the proper adjustments.

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