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Best and Worst of 2022: Hip-Hop Edition

After a rebounding year in 2021 from the COVID-19 pandemic, many expected that 2022 would be tough to follow up. However, 2022 delivered some amazing rap albums that will become staples in history for years to come. There were some unlikely collaborations, surprise releases, and overall some of the best albums of the decade. Even…

My Top 10 Albums of 2022

2022 ended as a phenomenal year for music as we were able to witness a lot of incredible moments for artists across all genres. We saw artists finally drop long-awaited albums, tease new music, and release some amazing albums for the whole world to enjoy. This year was filled with so much depth that there…

Westside Gunn Releases 10th Album to the Hitler Wears Hermes Series

On October 28th, Westside Gunn, co-founder of the record label, Griselda, released his 10th mixtape of the Hitler Wears Hermes series, which he has announced will be his last of the series. Gunn brought together one of the best feature lists of the year, including major names such as Run the Jewels, Black Star, Raekwon,…

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